Wrougt Iron

 We use the best high Quality Structural and Mild steel for our Wrought iron Railings which contains carbon as the alloy this makes it Tough, ductile, malleable, good tensile strength. All our exterior projects go through a Galvanization process so as to not rust.

 Melting point 1600°C 


 We use the best high Quality Structural Aluminum 6061. The strength is approximately equal to that of structural steel. It combines high strength, good work-ability, weld-ability, and corrosion resistance, making it popular for a wide variety of uses.  

 It is a silvery-white, nonmagnetic, ductile metal Melting point  660 °C  

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Stainless Steel

  We use the best High Quality 316 Stainless steel for our Interior and exterior projects which has chromium to the internal structure of the steel result in properties which gives stainless steel its name. Very high corrosion resistance and a surface which does not stain or tarnish. 

Melting point  1400-1450 °C